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August 20th, 2008

Join Christian Carders

Please be patient with me :).

The Christian Carders post became un-editable back in September due to it’s size, hence the lack of updates.  I am now starting a new post that will utilize a Mr. Linky for the links, hopefully taking up less space. I have had to delete the original post and start from scratch, so if you attempted to access this page earlier today you may have received an error message.

If you are a Christian Carder, please add yourself to the Mr. Linky if you are not already listed.  I will be adding existing members to the list as I’m able.  I will review the links to see if the badge is present on your blog and that you are an Entrecard member, if not your link will be removed.

Thanks for your patience and God bless!

Please see below for the membership requirements.


The Lord has slowly, surely and persistently been planting the idea of forming an Entrecard group for Christian Carders.  Similar other Entrecard ‘clubs’, such as Red Hot Droppers, and Drop Stars – but with a faith focus, I hope to develop a comprehensive list of Christian Entrecarders so that we can visit, support and encourage each other in our blogging efforts.

Christian bloggers are scattered throughout the many Entrecard categories available, and can be difficult to find.  We are present in: Religion and Spirituality, Education, Personal Diary, Home and Garden, Finance and Investing, Women’s Interests, Cooking and Dining, Mixed Bag, Trends, Graphic Design, Parenting and Family – and those are only the bloggers I’m familiar with.  I’m sure that Christians are sprinkled throughout all the Entrecard categories – making it difficult to find us!

So, how can you join this group?  Simply place the Christian Carders button (to the left, secondary click to copy the image source) near your Entrecard widget, and link it to THIS post (copy the permalink from the title to get the url to link to).

Or, if you’d like the easy solution, here is the html I have in my sidebar:

<li><a href=””><img src=””</img></a>

NOTE! I see some of those ” marks are coming up “curly”, if you are using this code, please make sure the quotation marks are straight up and down in your code.  If they are curly, just delete them, and retype in your blogging editor.  If you are having troubles email me – jennifer at quiverfullfamily dot com, or leave a comment with your email, and I’ll email you a .txt file with the code in it.


Come sign the Mr. Linky using your blog name and url.  Leave me a comment saying that you have signed up.

I’ll come over for a visit, drop you and determine that your blog is Christian (scanning for some evidence of faith, blogs must be free of profanity and inappropriate content in order to qualify – nudity, blasphemy, swearing etc.) and that you are displaying the membership badge.  If all is well your Mr. Linky listing will remain on THIS post and I’ll remove your comment, so that the growing number of Christian Carders can then come and click through to your blog.  If not, I’ll leave you a comment and remove your linky.  Pretty simple!

Also – while we are getting started, I would greatly appreciate your help in promoting and spreading the news of this group.  If you write a post on your blog describing and linking here, come back and leave another comment, I will send 100 EC’s your way as a token of my appreciation (and then remove your comment).

And my disclaimer:  I can’t vouch for the content of these blogs, since they are all independently operated.  Inclusion in this list does not indicate my personal seal of approval upon any of the listed blogs :).

Thanks for joining Christian Carders!  May the Lord be glorified through our blogging efforts!  God Bless!


Jennifer. Follower of Yeshua. Wife of one man. Homeschooling mother of 5.