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Look Ma, No Hands!

Written on 09/26/2008   By   in Uncategorized

Hands free blogging.  Now, that would be the life!  Like many mommy bloggers my hands are often full of baby, toddler or a big girl, making the time to blog difficult to come by.  But imagine if I could sit in my rocking chair, which is near the computer, nurse my baby and blog or send email at the same time!  Woooo!  Now that would be multi-tasking.

I think it would be possible with the help of Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard.  I’ve heard of voice recognition software before, but never though that it could be so simple and straightforward, the software even comes with it’s own headset!  How convenient.  Take a peek at these videos:


Colour me impressed! It even filters out background noise like, say…children…What a fabulous innovation for mothers who blog from home (I know, where else is there to blog from?). There is also a NY Times Review of DNS10 available if you’d like to read what the ‘experts’ have to say about this product.

Now, because we’re Mac users here, and not one of those fancy, innovative Windows hybrid machines my husband keeps telling me about, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred won’t work for us, these programs are PC only.  There is a solution for us Mac users though in MacSpeech Dictate (you have to buy your own Mic for this one).  I’m going to have to talk to my husband about this when he gets home!

How can you see yourself taking advantage of this program in your blogging pursuits?