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I Got Tagged…Again!

Written on 11/13/2008   By   in Uncategorized

This time Kim from My Book Reviews and More nabbed me :) .

And because I had so much fun with the first tag, I’m going to list another 7 random bookish things about me, but I’m not going to tag anyone else – if you want to play along leave me a link to your post so I can come and see YOUR random bookish facts! I’m sure many of you share these facts in common with me.

Here goes:

1. I read aloud to my children almost every night.

2. I read fiction MUCH faster than I do non-fiction, but I keep my non-fiction titles far longer than fiction, and tend to reread it at a higher percentage.

3. I’ve never read a Stephen King novel before, nor do I intend to :)  .

4. I don’t generally read romance novels, whether Christian or Harlequin. I think I have read 1 Christian romance this year and it was only due to it’s unusual premise.

5. I was one of those children who read encyclopedia’s for fun, yup, that was me :) .

6. My favourite book as a tween, teen and young adult was Fire and Hemlock by Dianna Wynne Jones.

7. I have a doozy of a time reading any amount of text on the computer. Two pages is okay, but a novel – forget it!

So, don’t be shy! Send me your link and let me know your 7 random bookish facts :) .