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Crazy, Crazy Kittens

Written on 12/22/2008   By   in Uncategorized

You might recall that there have been 3 kittens, a Mamma cat and a 5 month or so old kit living here in our 600 sq. foot house with my husband, 3 children and I. Life has been wild. There has always been a cat or child underfoot, and with reorganizing the living room it’s been tricky finding clear floor space to walk in without squashing someone or something.

Well, yesterday morning that all changed. Kaelynn was lying in bed quietly after waking up and suddenly she let out a howl. One of our sweet, innocent, now approximately 12 week old kittens had pounced on her face and delivered a royal scratching. The kitten drew blood. It wasn’t pretty. Inflamed, red, sore, tears. The kittens got the boot. All of the cats did actually. With a wee baby in the house we can’t have that going on! I’m not feeling too charitable towards felines today.

It’s certainly not the best time of year to be giving the kittens the “Welcome to the outside world full-time, heave-ho!” but it had to be. Larry says that they are camping out in the shed behind the house. So be it.