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January 25th, 2010

Bible Reading Update – Psalms Out Loud

Well, we’re still in the Psalms! (There are a LOT of them!) Because they are arranged topically in my Bible, it’s tricky to say exactly how far I’ve read, but I do know one thing – the Psalms are BEST when read aloud. When I read them silently to myself it’s too easy to skim over the pages without absorbing the words, but when I read them out loud, either to my daughters or to myself, they really seem to sink into my spirit, helping me to rejoice and mourn with the psalmist.

Something I’ve really noticed is that I should have been reading the Psalms when I was depressed! I’m dog-earring pages all over the place for future readings. Wow, good stuff!

Where are you at in your Bible readings? If you need a free form challenge that encourages you to dig into the Word check out Operation Actually Read Bible.


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