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My Baby Is 2!

Written on 06/30/2010   By   in Uncategorized

Today is the big day!  My baby (Sarah) is turning 2!  However, she is definitely still a baby (especially if you ask her.)  In fact, she refers to herself that way more often than any other!  ”Baby do it!” she cries excitedly when she wants to get in on the action.  Other times it’s, “Baby, baby, baby!” when she wants something, or even the more expressive, “Baby hungry!”

You know you’ve called your child “baby” a lot when she thinks it’s her name! :)  She’s also starting to call our baby-on-the-way “baby”, so I think she’ll definitely transition  to Sarah as she grows.  She’s talking so much now, and she is totally and completely potty-trained and has been for months :) (hoorah!)

Happy birthday sweet one, I’m so glad that you are a part of our family!