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Fresh Milk!

Written on 07/24/2010   By   in Uncategorized

Though we’ve had cows for many years we go through periods where we aren’t milking, due to the cycle our cows are in or the amount of time and determination we have!  Right now we ARE milking, a cow that is my daughter Kaelynn’s (she received her from us as a calf), her name is Alpha :) .  In any case, she just started milking a week or so ago and is shaping up to be a great little milker, nice temperament.  Yesterday we had enough skim milk after separating to make fresh pot cheese and I got my oldest daughter to help – she can’t wait to make it again! (It’s SO easy ladies, maybe I’ll post instructions in a bit!)

In any case, it’s GOOD to have our own dairy products again.  Not enough cream saved up for butter yet (Dexter’s aren’t super high-producers) but when that day comes, yummy, yummy!