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Tragus Rings – Yay or Nay?

Written on 08/28/2010   By   in Uncategorized

Body piercing can be a pretty controversial topic amongst more conservative Christians (such as our family.)  Personally, I did have my ears pierced as a child, and after they grew in a few other times besides!  Now the holes won’t grow in, and I’m stuck with them, but I don’t wear jewelry in them.

We won’t be getting our girls pierced – that’s something they’ll need to do themselves once they are out on their own – it’s incredibly painful dealing with infections/maintenance etc. and I don’t want the struggle.  Still piercings that involve eye brow rings, tragus rings, and monroe rings (upper lip, off to one side like a beauty mark) are becoming fairly popular.

Where you once would never see unusual piercing, now even employees in highly visible customer service/service industry positions sport them. What do you think? I think it’s possible to do tastefully, and there is some cute jewelry, but I still think a HUGE number of piercings can look far too overdone and ‘off’.