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April 28th, 2011

Beautiful Nesting Dolls

It is a rare person who can resist playing with an old-fashioned set of nesting dolls.  Truly, no matter what your age from toddler to adult, stacking dolls are just inherently fascinating.  Opening the large doll and working down to the small doll, then nesting the small doll inside the bigger doll, and back up just so appeals to the sorting/organizing parts of our minds in a very esthetically appealing way.

We bought our oldest daughter a set of nesting dolls when she was around 2 or 3, but that was really too small to keep all the pieces together!  The set we bought her was pretty traditional, but it’s exciting to see how nesting dolls are no longer limited to traditional Matryoshka dolls.  There are so many different artistic variations on these dolls that it is so easy to start a lovely collection or to pick a special set to complement any decor.

Our nesting doll set had around five dolls in total, but there are some elaborate sets that have up to ten dolls!  I’d love to play with one of those!  These dolls are really a folk art that is almost timeless, they are just hard to resist opening and investigating no matter your age.


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