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October 21st, 2011

Baby Gender Prediction

Some of my long time blog readers will remember that I received a gender prediction test to review when I was pregnant with my little baby Anne – she’s now 10 months old.  It was a urine test and it seemed to have some scientific merit.  It was accurate too – it correct guessed our baby gender, said I was having a girl, and I did.  Gender predictor tests are becoming even simpler to use than the rather complicated one I tried.

But what about websites that offer this kind of gender prediction test?  Can you really predict your baby’s gender online?  Well, first of all it looks like you have to know the precise date you conceived (heh, I NEVER know that, I was 2 weeks off last time).  Well, they do let you choose your day of LMP, but again…irregular cycles while breastfeeding over here.  And why do you have to put in your birthday and your husbands?

Ah hah!  The results include astrological information, so that explains it ;).  Now – can you make a determination of your baby’s sex based on the day they were conceived and your birthday?  I don’t think so.

Glad I don’t have to worry about it in any case – no matter how many boy or girl gender tests you try – God is ultimately in control, and He decided the gender of your baby before the beginning of time.  You and I can rest in His sovereignty.


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