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Book Review: Offworld by Robin Parrish

Written on 07/12/2012   By   in Uncategorized

When astronaut Commander Christopher Burke and his crew return from Mars to Earth they find the planet deserted.  Embarking on a journey across a bleak, abandoned landscape they search for signs of life – for clues as to what took place.  As the crew struggles to stay together and maintain some sort of order they desperately attempt to solve the puzzle of the missing populace (just as you will as you read along with their journey).

Robin Parrish has this knack of writing books with great hooks.  They just keep you reading, wondering where Parrish will lead you, and trying to figure out what’s going on.  Offworld – while it may not end up ANYWHERE near where you expect it to – is a great example of this trait of Parrish’s novels.  I can’t really say more about the reason everyone is missing without removing the suspense that is so titillating, but it’s unexpected, and pretty far out there.

For people who don’t like their sci-fi/speculative fiction to be mixed up with too much romance, Parrish is always a good bet as well – while there is a very subtle theme of romantic devotion in the novel – it’s just that, very subtle, and always takes a backseat to action, adventure, and ‘what’s going on here?!’

In the same vein, while Parrish is classified as Christian fiction, he’s pretty hands-off, keeping mentions of God brief – so brief in fact that his work is amongst the more cross-over style titles available from Bethany House.  Thankfully the writing is style is still clean (no language), but you can expect some somewhat gory fight scenes.  This is a fun read for those looking for some sci-fi, adventure-style escapism without having to deal with the explicit sensuality that much mainstream sci-fi contains.