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January 1st, 2013

New Homeschooling Approach/Homeschool Name Decided!

Well – what a year it’s been!  House fire, two moves (one cross-country), new baby, house renovations (yes, these will be in progress for some time)!  All that being said, I don’t think we’ve EVER had a year like 2012.  It was pretty insane to say the least.

I’m SO GLAD we decided to go with a more independent approach to school for my oldest daughter this fall after our move (9, grade 4).  Of course, my second daughter is in grade 1 (6), so it’s all teacher intensive for her still at this stage of the game.  I’m going to write a series of posts detailing what we’re doing, but really, I’m pretty happy overall despite the fact that I felt like I was copping out by going heavily with worktexts for my oldest.

We also decided on a name for our homeschool!  Again, I always felt like it was sort of silly to name a homeschool, since it’s just our family here at home, but since Nova Scotia doesn’t offer a diploma for homeschoolers, any diploma I issue will have to have a school name on it, right? ;)  Well high school IS a ways away, but I’ve always struggled to name things, but this name just clicked!

Our new house (where we plan to STAY) is on a bit of a hill, on high ground…and I’ve always loved the hymn Higher Ground (hear it here), so we went with…

Higher Ground Academy

Even my husband likes it!

Well, babe is squirming so I’m off to nurse!  Till later…


Jennifer. Follower of Yeshua. Wife of one man. Homeschooling mother of 5.