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January 21st, 2013

Book Review: Candle BIBLE for Kids: Toddler Edition by Juliet David, Illustrated by Jo Parry

With such a wide age range of children (a few months old up to nine-years), I’m always reading a variety of different story book Bibles to try to cover everyone’s needs developmentally.  Our current Bible time in the morning currently includes a story Bible for my 2-year-old, a story Bible for my 4-year-old, and a Bible study that includes catechism and readings from the Bible (using the NIrV).  My 9-year-old is studying independently this year.

That might seem like overkill, but suffice it to say, my children are very familiar with the major stories of the Bible.  They’re able to start small and build up, adding details as they grow and mature.  Lately we’ve been reading the Candle BIBLE for Kids: Toddler Edition for my 2-year-old (though of course, it seems that ALL of my smaller children listen in no matter which story Bible we’re reading).

This cute, cheerful story Bible has a padded cover and fairly sturdy, small pages.  While it isn’t a board book, the smaller format pages are easier for little hands to turn without the risk of ripping.  So far, so good – my 2-year-old looks at this book on her own, turns pages, packs it around, and it’s hanging in there.  No rips so far.

The book is 160 pages in length and includes 14 Old Testament stories and 22 New Testament stories.  Most of the stories are around 4 pages long.  Some in the New Testament section are as short as 1 page or 2 pages.  Some in the Old Testament section are as long as 7 pages, but most seem to be 4 pages in length.  Each page has only two to three short, easily understood sentences on it.  The Bible stories themselves are fairly bare bones, but they cover all of the major points and bases.  Juliet David’s renditions are concise and readable.

Jo Parry’s illustrations are modern, bold and cheerful.  They are high interest, and my little girls like to look through this title on their own just for the sake of the illustrations.  They do portray Adam and Eve as children – something I’m never too keen on.

Overall, this is a good solid starter story Bible for toddlers.  It is holding up to our active toddler despite its many trips under the couch and around the house between Bible times and the stories are basic and readable – a good starting point for familiarizing wee ones with the major plot points in the His-story of God’s people.




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