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February 21st, 2013

CSFF Tour: The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer

This week CSFF has been touring The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer.  I love Brouwer’s writing, and I’ve indulged in it a few times, and it doesn’t disappoint here.  I haven’t had the time to write up a full review yet – perhaps the fact that 4 out of 5 of our children have come down with the flu over the past 3 days has something to do with it?  Hmm.

In any case, I did want to dig in a bit to the question of magic and fantasy.  I see that Rebecca Miller – an awesome book blogger who focuses on Christian fantasy/spec-fic/sci-fi and other underserved genres of Christian literature shared her thoughts on Brouwer’s use of – or lack of – magic in the series.  To be honest, this is an ongoing issue for me.  I was saved directly out of paganism and the occult, and for good, or professedly Christian-type characters to use magic in a novel is abhorrent to me.  Bad guys + magic = okay, they’re the bad buys.  Good guys + magic = nuh uh, it’s a no go for me.

When God is so clear in His Word that witchcraft is an abomination and grievous sin, I simply can’t understand Christian authors who put this ‘tool’ in the hands of their characters and claim it’s all for the good.  BUT I LOVE fantasy!  It is one of my all-time favorite genres ever, and I struggle, STRUGGLE to find novels where the protagonists don’t indulge in practicing magic.  However…the Merlin’s Immortal Series, including both the first book The Orphan King, the second book Fortress of Mist, and future releases, don’t seem to use magic in this way.  They have people who seem to practice magic (even the bad buys are presented in this way), yet they aren’t – everything has its roots in the natural world, and can be explained away as it were.

But, not everyone entirely agrees with me, and I’m always up for healthy discussion.  So dig around the tour links below and see what folks have to say about this Christian fantasy series!


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