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June 3rd, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Before and After: 32 lb. Weight Loss

I have a secret.  I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’ve lost 32 lbs. over the past 14 weeks by following the way of eating laid out in Trim Healthy Mama.  This isn’t a formal book review, I just want to share my story with you.

I’m the mother of five children so far, and like many moms, I have never found it particularly easy to lose weight after having children – even while exclusively breastfeeding. While I was able to get fairly trim after my first child, and my second to some degree, some bad bouts of postpartum depression and hormonal imbalances led me to settle in at a weight of 180-190 after my subsequent pregnancies. You can see me in the before picture at this weight when my 4th child was 7 months old.  I weighed 225 lbs. at 9 months pregnant with my most recent baby, just 8 months ago.

Having been 140 in high school and 150 when I married, I knew I was ‘plump’ but justified it due to my status as a mom. In reality I was just into the obese zone for my height (5’6”).

After my fifth baby was born and I felt like I was gaining weight while breastfeeding (not again!) and my blood sugar was incredibly swingy, I was ready to give up on food. Not mainly because of my weight, but just because my blood sugar made me feel so terrible. There is a lot of diabetes in my family, and I was worried. I felt better if I didn’t eat because then I didn’t have blood sugar lows afterwards. I just wanted someone to tell me how to eat.

Enter Trim Healthy Mama.

I first heard about Trim Healthy Mama through Above Rubies, but I didn’t pay it much attention until some of my local homeschooling moms had been talking about Trim Healthy Mama. I decided to check it out for real after they talked about it at a group meeting. After finding the Facebook group and joining it, I was so inspired by the stories of women who’d improved their health and lost 20-30 lbs. in around 3 months or so. I thought to myself, “Hey, I could certainly stand to lose that much weight!” I started to believe that just because I was a mom of many (just like Serene and Pearl) didn’t mean I had to carry that extra weight burden around with me. I had hope that it was possible, that other real moms were doing it, and maybe… just maybe, so could I. I downloaded the pdf ebook directly from the author’s website, then I started my journey, slowly implementing the principles as I learned and read.

I’ve lost 32 lbs. in 14 weeks, my blood sugar is much more stable and I’ve never eaten such satisfying, nutrient-rich food. Now I get to pick what I eat instead of being driven by low blood sugar and cravings. My journey isn’t over yet, but today I am almost in my healthy weight zone – 156.5 lbs. (the top of my healthy range is 155, I’m aiming for the middle – 140).  My 5th child is now 8 months old as seen in the after picture. Things are so different this time, and I’m incredibly, incredibly thankful for that!

If you’d like to try out the program for yourself, you can buy the print book at, or at the main Trim Healthy Mama website here.  (Amazon links are affiliate links.)

You can buy ebook versions at the Trim Healthy Mama website as well (PDF or mobi formats).


Jennifer. Follower of Yeshua. Wife of one man. Homeschooling mother of 5.