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August 21st, 2013

Book Review: The Candle Classic Bible by Alan Parry

We adore storybook Bibles here – I’m reluctant to admit how many of them I own!  So I was excited to take a peek at The Candle Classic Bible which I received to review.  The Bible includes 365 stories from the scriptures, both Old and New Testament, and the readings are divided into 365 short selections, designed for daily reading.  The book is beautifully bound – a sturdy hardcover with a ribbon bookmark, great presentation.

However, I’ve struggled to actually read it to my five children (they range from 10 months to 10, so I have a few to read to).  The illustrations – while detailed and elaborate, almost like a graphic novel – aren’t eye-catching for young children.  My husband loves them, but the colors are all muted and dull and have a dark feel to them.  The stories themselves are very short, we’re used to reading more than a few paragraphs for a single event.

I asked my oldest if she’d like to read it on her own, and she declined, saying, “I’ve already had so many Bible stories read to me.”  Well, I suppose that’s true, but she is in the intended age range of 8-10.  She’s moving on to more meaty explorations of God’s Word already.

So – who would I recommend this work to?  Older children who can read independently – possibly boys because of the darker illustrations, possibly older children of newly converted parents, or as a gift for children who don’t have much discipleship at home – those who don’t yet have a solid foundation in basic Bible story retellings and need a primer.  It’s a lovely choice for those situations even if it isn’t the best fit for us.



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