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September 5th, 2013

Book Review: Three Decades of Fertility

Moms who have surrendered their fertility to the Lord often walk a lonely path.  With decades of anti-child culture behind us, it’s a rare and precious thing to find older women who can truly encourage and mentor us through trying times as we deal with the real-life issues of bearing and raising many children for the King.  When I first heard about the release of Three Decades of Fertility, I was so excited and headed right over to Visionary Womanhood to check it out.  When I saw there was a blog tour being organzed, well – I couldn’t resist joining in!  (Complimentary e-copy received for the purposes of this review.)

A bit about me – I’m the mother to five children (so far) from ages 10 on down.  Like many moms I have moments where I struggle, where I look ahead into the future with some trepidation, times when I desperately wish I could ask a real mom I can trust, who could understand me, some pressing questions.  Three Decades of Fertility provides a resource for moms like me.  While I am incredibly blessed to know some moms with many children, they are in similar places in their fertility journey as I am, they are still very much in the trenches and haven’t yet come to (or close to) the end of their active child-bearing years.

Editor and contributor Natalie Klejwa has brought together ten women’s stories (including her own) along with some of the most common question women might have for these experienced mothers, answered personally by each contributor.  Contributors range from the well-known to the less-known including the stories of: Carmon Friedrich, Stacy McDonald, Natalie Klejwa, Jeannette Paulson, Molly Evert, Ruth Einfeld, Terry Covey, Heather Olsson, Sue Liesmaki, Yvonne Harink, Dr. Regina Brott, and Donielle Baker.  My level of interest and connection with the stories varied from contributor to contributor, as did writing skills and abilities.  However, all the stories included were well edited (always important!) regardless of the differences in writing styles.

Personal impact?  Amazing.  Rarely have I cried during the introduction of a non-fiction book, but I did.  I really did.  And during many of the personal stories as well.   These are all very real women, with very real struggles, who believe in a very real, and a very sovereign God.  Rather than being an apologetics title (which many of the books written on larger families are), the focus of this work is encouragement.  The kind of deep, authentic encouragement that can only come from lives poured out in service of the Master through whatever troubles come.  I enthusiastically give it my highest recommendation for all women who find themselves in the midst of the often tumultous – yet joy-filled – years of fertility that God blesses us with.

Available in a wide variety of formats, Three Decades of Fertility is available as a PDF download, for Kindle, and as a Paperback!


Jennifer. Follower of Yeshua. Wife of one man. Homeschooling mother of 5.