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Month: May 2016

The Growing Quiverfull Family Movement In America

In a world that expects women to go on birth control and fight for a position in corporate America, there has spawned a movement of Christian women who are finding joy and value in being a stay at home mother. Not only are they thriving as stay at home moms, but they also are not falsely dictating the birth of children by the use of manmade birth control methods. These women are having as many children as God wants them to have, with the belief that God will never give them more children than they can handle.
Unlike most patriarchal aspects within Christianity, the growing Quiverfull family movement is female-centered and spearheaded by women following the scriptures and the wishes of God. Quiverfull women believe that the modern feminist movement leaves them with more work, less satisfaction, and with a strained relationship with God. These women view children as a blessing, that motherhood is a blessing and that the most important thing that they will ever do, after their wedding, is to raise strong Christian children who become adults. Changing the world will happen from a woman’s womb and by teaching children in the way of the Lord.
The growing Quiverfull family movement also requires that Christian men step up and become leaders of their household. Only a strong Christian man can head a Quiverfull home and provide for his wife and children. It is the man’s role to ensure that his family is acceptable to Christ and a family’s value start with the father. Scripture tells us that children are our heritage, that they are a blessing, that a man with a quiver full of children can stand up to his enemies (both in the forms of man and Satan) and that a man should be proud of his wife to bear as many children as possible.
Multiple Children

Big Family

This movement is about everything that is opposite that the sinful world teaches us. This lifestyle tells us to remove our ego, to not put ourselves first, but to put the Lord first, to put our husband, wife and children first. This movement is the perfect medicine for a sick world that desires to control the American family in all ways. It is a movement that will create an army of spiritual soldiers for the Lord so that his will is done on earth and in heaven.

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Finding His and Hers Wedding Bands

Congratulations on your engagement! Let the decision-making Olympics begin with choosing color themes, venues, photographers, caterers and unique matching wedding bands.
The wedding bands will be a constant reminder of the vows that you took to honor your other half for eternity. It is the reason that precious stones, such as diamonds take a center stage in wedding bands and engagement rings.
Many couples take the idea of being wed to another level by purchasing customized matching wedding bands. It is a common practice and increasingly includes a variety of fine metals to make the wedding bands uniquely the couple’s own.
Unique Wedding Bands that Match

Matching Wedding Bands

Uniting Beauty With Good Design
When creating luxury custom bands and rings, the couple needs to keep several keys in mind. Consider the overall wardrobe, tastes proportionality, and personality into account. Choosing something that is lovely but completely outside of the couple’s usual comfort zone might challenge them to wear the rings. It needs to be a statement of love they can comfortably and happily wear.
Instead, look at the rings relationally. How will they appeal to both parties? Will it suit both personalities, wardrobes, and even the scale of their fingers?
Metal Bands
When considering the final design of the rings and bands, it is vital to look at the metal that will play host to years of wear. It needs to speak your hearts’ desires.
In the land of custom wedding bands and rings, many couples swing far and wide from the traditional yellow gold and venture into black gold, titanium, and platinum very often.
The wear and tear are a serious consideration when purchasing any piece of jewelry that needs to last an entire lifetime. For instance, the band might seem luxurious if you have never bought 24 karat gold. Once you wear it, it will start scratching, and can bend a lot more easily than lower karat varieties. It is the most expensive because it is pure gold. And, yet, that is what makes it malleable and delicate.
Consider strength as well as visual appeal. Platinum and titanium are like the diamonds of the metals. They are immensely strong and hold up well over time.
The same goes for gemstones. Many love to mix and match diamonds with a stone that speaks to their style. As was the case pre-1900’s, grooms purchased gems to match the qualities of their wife-to-be. Tanzanite is less expensive than say sapphire, but is also weaker and may chip or break. Tanzanite is less expensive, yet uniquely beautiful, but may not keep up with a partner in life who is clumsy, and overly active.
Still others choose to rely more on decorative metalwork, inscriptions, and less on gemstones when they design their breathtaking wedding bands and rings. Choose wisely and enjoy the statement of your relationship you create.
Some couples write their vows. Others choose their rings. Whether the conventional cannot deliver on how you feel, or does not suit your personality, you might want to consider designing your unique matching wedding rings.


The Benefits Of Online Homeschooling

The internet has not only made the world like a small community but also improved the standards of living, especially where education is concerned.   Anyone today can enroll for online classes online with an overseas college or university, and be able to graduate (get certifications) without necessarily setting foot in a physical class.  Young children can also enroll for a homeschooling virtual classroom and be able to learn everything that pupils/students in physical classes learn.
Homeschooled Children

Children in Home School

One of the best things about online homeschooling is the fact that, students get to take practical quizzes, hand over assignments, as well as chat with fellow students without ever leaving the house. Some of the benefits of online homeschooling are:
1.    Sharing perspectives:  The online platform makes it easier for students to participate in discussions on certain topics through chat functions and discussion boards.  The good thing about this is that each student can follow /review the proposals and ideas put across, then evaluate other opinions at hand.  It will facilitate a solid foundation for learning.
2.    Accessibility to instructors:  The online portal provides an additional avenue for students to get in contact with professors and teachers.  Should a teacher’s hour’s conflict with a student’s schedule, the student can always find time to access the instructor.  Another added benefit of using the online homeschooling feature is the fact that, there are many helpful web-based programs (especially math) that students can use to learn.
3.    The sense of equality:  Some students may feel neglected in the traditional class setups where the teacher can only monitor a few students at a go. Some teachers also find it hard to keep track of all students as the number is overwhelming for him/her. Nonetheless, online homeschooling makes it easier for tutors to communicate directly with all students. Another added benefit to this is that shy students find it easier to share their ideas without fear of embarrassment, as it usually happens in traditional class setups.
4.    24/7 accessibility to course materials:  Online homeschooling provides a convenient learning timetable where students can choose when to start learning. Some students may work best in the morning hours, in the evening, and some late at night. Whatever time the pupil feels comfortable learning, he/she can log on and start learning right away. Unlike in traditional setups where there’s a specific timetable that everyone need to follow.
Other advantages that come with homeschooling include accessibility to many learning resources, and the opportunity to explore more.  You, however, need to identify/find a good tutor or teacher to enjoy the benefits of online homeschooling.