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We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord, hence our website, – and we believe that sharing the happiness of these blessings is one of the most important things we can do. On our blog you’ll find articles, resources, contests, and more related to homesteading, homeschooling, recipes, healthy living, sewing, frugal living, raising children, book reviews, wholesome product reviews and more.

This blog seeks to promote biblical roles for men and women, modest dress, head coverings, proper courtship for those seeking to marry, self-employment as the norm, psalm singing – we’re just full of conviction here!  The key thing, the only thing of importance in this life is the regeneration that takes place when you ask Jesus to come and live inside your heart – everything springs out of that wellspring of life.

This blog is filled with many adventures, reading, crafting, cooking, cleaning, and working together as a family in various money making ventures. We teach on how live in a natural-hybrid-straw-clay house, off-grid, wood heated home, powered by wind and solar. We are seeking glorify God as we sing through this life.
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