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The Growing Quiverfull Family Movement In America

In a world that expects women to go on birth control and fight for a position in corporate America, there has spawned a movement of Christian women who are finding joy and value in being a stay at home mother. Not only are they thriving as stay at home moms, but they also are not falsely dictating the birth of children by the use of manmade birth control methods. These women are having as many children as God wants them to have, with the belief that God will never give them more children than they can handle.
Unlike most patriarchal aspects within Christianity, the growing Quiverfull family movement is female-centered and spearheaded by women following the scriptures and the wishes of God. Quiverfull women believe that the modern feminist movement leaves them with more work, less satisfaction, and with a strained relationship with God. These women view children as a blessing, that motherhood is a blessing and that the most important thing that they will ever do, after their wedding,┬áis to raise strong Christian children who become adults. Changing the world will happen from a woman’s womb and by teaching children in the way of the Lord.
The growing Quiverfull family movement also requires that Christian men step up and become leaders of their household. Only a strong Christian man can head a Quiverfull home and provide for his wife and children. It is the man’s role to ensure that his family is acceptable to Christ and a family’s value start with the father. Scripture tells us that children are our heritage, that they are a blessing, that a man with a quiver full of children can stand up to his enemies (both in the forms of man and Satan) and that a man should be proud of his wife to bear as many children as possible.
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This movement is about everything that is opposite that the sinful world teaches us. This lifestyle tells us to remove our ego, to not put ourselves first, but to put the Lord first, to put our husband, wife and children first. This movement is the perfect medicine for a sick world that desires to control the American family in all ways. It is a movement that will create an army of spiritual soldiers for the Lord so that his will is done on earth and in heaven.

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