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PR OK/Guidelines

Quiver Mamma (Jennifer) at – (that’s where you are!) is available to review your book, product, website or blog!

Before we get into the details your product or site must be family friendly, and not antagonistic or directly opposed to the Christian faith.  Blog traffic, page rank, statistics, subscribers etc. can be found at our Blog Friendly PR listing.

Now onto the details!

Book Reviews

I have a deep love for books, and am so excited to review and share books that I have enjoyed with others. I regularly post book reviews to this blog, and participate blog tours for books as well. If you are an author, publicist or book publishing company seeking blog publicity for your latest release, or an older title, I will happily consider it for review. Genres I review are: children’s picture books, literature quality children’s chapter books, children’s christian books, christian mission and biography, homeschooling books, homeschooling curriculum, cook-books, healthy living, non-fiction christian books, the occasional christian fiction etc. If you aren’t certain if your book is one I’d be interested in, please email me jennifer(at) and send me the book synopsis, title, author, and Amazon link and I will respond to you promptly. I will let you know where to send a review copy to, I do live in Canada if that is an issue for shipping. All review copies will be non-returnable. Book reviews are complimentary when a review copy is received. Please visit my book reviews section for a sampling of my work. I also happily host book give-away contests here on my blog, please read the Sponsor a Contest section if you are interested in participating.

As a general policy book reviews will be cross-posted to,,, and if they are available through Amazon and the other sites.

Music Reviews

I’ve just started reviewing music, so if you have a CD in the children’s or Christian genres please drop me a line with details.

Music reviews will be listed alphabetically on the Music Reviews page and in most cases will be cross-posted to and

E-Book Reviews

E-book authors, yes, I am interested in reviewing your book! Please email me jennifer(at) no spaces, with details to determine if your book would fit within the interest ranges of this blog. I will respond promptly, if approved you can then email or provide a download link of a copy for review. E-book reviews are complimentary when a review copy is received. You may also choose to participate in a give-away contest here on my blog, please read the Sponsor a Contest section below.

Product Reviews

Our family consists of two adults, 30 and 43, a 6 year old, 3 year old and a 1 year old. We are happy to personally test products of interest to growing families, pregnant, nursing mothers, fathers, children, babies, Christians etc. All products sent for review must be family friendly.  You can see a list of my work to date on my product reviews page.  I’ve reviews baby gear, toys, DVDs, food, household products etc. and am open to working in a wide variety of product ranges.

If you are interested in submitting a product for our personal review on the blog, please email me jennifer(at) with a description of your product, and I will respond promptly with our decision, and mailing address. The product sent will be non-returnable as we will have used it extensively in order to produce a review. Product reviews are complimentary with a sent review product. You may also choose to sponsor a contest along with your review, please see the section Sponsor a Contest below.

Website/Blog Reviews

If you have a family and Christian friendly website or blog that you would like featured on this blog, please email me jennifer(at) with the url of your website as well as a brief description. I am currently offering website/blog reviews for a reciprocal review on your website or blog. If you do not wish to participate in posting a reciprocal review, there will be a fee of $15.00 for each review completed.

Sponsor a Contest

Open for books, e-books, products etc. You may host a contest along with, or independently of a review. The contest will include links to your product/website, please email me with a brief description that you would like included with the contest, and your links. I will host and conduct the contest, and you will be responsible for providing the product to the winner, please let me know in your email if there are geographic restrictions for the contest (for example, if you will only ship to the U.S. only to Canada, anywhere in North America, worldwide).

Review/Contest Timeline

If you are doing a blog tour, please let me know the date so that I can examine my schedule and see if I can accomodate your requirements. If you are flexible with review times, I do review as quickly as possible, but do have the responsibilities of running my home and raising my children as first priorities, so I cannot give exact timelines in most circumstances. Do let me know if you have timing requirements so that I can see if I can fulfill your needs. For contests, I will co-ordinate them with the review timing if you are also requesting a review. If you are only requesting a contest I will schedule it so that it is not running at the same time as another contest on the blog.

Length of Review Listing

Your review will be shown at the top of the main page until another post is posted, the length can vary, depending on the amount of content. After that the review moves down the main page, the length it remains on the main page is dependent upon the number, length and frequency of posts that are made after your review. After your review leaves the front page it will remain in the archives of the blog permanently, with all links to your website, book or product intact.

Thank you for considering Quiverfull Family for your review needs! We look forward to working with you! If you have any other questions, please email me – jennifer(at)


Jennifer. Follower of Yeshua. Wife of one man. Homeschooling mother of 5.